Conference Day One Tuesday SEPTEMBER 6





Welcome & Opening Speech by Conference Chairman


Government Keynote Speeches

Myanmar's energy master plan

Achieving the 100% electrification goal by 2030: the roadmap and future plan

Oil and gas's role to play in Myanmar's energy mix for the future

Invest in Myanmar's energy and power industry and government incentives to create a favorable investment environment

Ministry of Power and Energy

Myanmar Investment Commission

National Energy Management Committee 


Panel discussion

Connecting the Greater Mekong Subregion Power trade and cooperation

Ministry of Power and Energy, Myanmar
Ministry of Energy and Mines of Lao PDR
Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
World Bank


Coffee Break


International's Power Utility's view on Myanmar's power market and opportunities for new entrants

Evaluating the potential of Myanmar's power market

What advantages does it hold for investors?

IPPs' role to play in advancing the power supply capacity

Investors' concerns to move one step ahead

Invitation sent to: TATA Power


Operating mega-project in Myanmar: Challenges and experience

Mega power plants in Myanmar are mainly hydropower plants. With new power plants like coal, gas power plants coming into operation in the coming 5 years, what are the key challenges need to be settled and how to meet the gap of skilled workforce?

Ministry of Power and Energy, Myanmar


Power utilities and energy leaders' panel discussion

The evolving energy and power mix of Myanmar: What's the best portfolio for Myanmar to meet the short, middle and long term demand?

Gas import vs. export: Evaluating Myanmar's gas demand in the coming future and how to bridge the demand and supply gap?

Coal power or gas power: Do we have a choice to choose?

LNG in Myanmar's future power map

Legal, tax, tariff and regulatory framework to spur IPP participation

Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Sembcorp Industries
Puma Energy



1400 -1430

Indentifying opportunities in Myanmar renewable energy market

Myanmar Renewable Energy Association


Developing hydropower plant in Myanmar and government plans to boost up its capacity in the future

Hydropower is the dominant player in Myanmar's power sector but building hydropower plants to meet the national pressing demand is still a long shot. Take a look at the current plants operation and their challenges might give us some insights into this market.

Ministry of Power and Energy, Myanmar


Hydropower plant best operational experience sharing and lessons learnt


Coffee Break


Solar power in Myanmar: A game changer or just a supplement?

Key operation experience learnt from neighboring countries and global leaders


Waste to energy and its future potential in Myanmar

Evaluating the necessity to build waste to energy plants in Myanmar

What are the concerns from public?

Economics to develop waste to energy plant

1700 -1730

Assessing the power project financing landscape and key financial strategies for success

Examining Myanmar's power infrastructure landscape

Financing conventional power plant in Myanmar

Renewable power plant financing and instruments

What are investors are looking for in your projects?

Government's role to play to project financing

Evaluating the current power price and feed-in tariff for renewable

1730 End of Day One

1800 Reception cocktail party